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The most celebrated residents of South Omo  are the Mursi, a distinctive group of pastoralist who number about 5000, and whose territory is more or less bounded by the Omo River to the west and the Mago River to the east. Mursi women, for beauty reasons, make use of circular clay plates in the lips and the men present on the skin scarification to indicate the number of killed wild animals or enemies killed in battle.


Suri’ is a traditional local name for a people living in southwestern Ethiopia.  Suri is composed of three subgroups; Chai, Timaga and Baale groups (self-names), politically and territorially different, but all speaking ‘South East Surmic languages within the Nilo-Saharan family, in the Surmic language group, which includes Mursi, Majang, and Me’en languages


The Nyangatom are members of the Ateker or Karamojong cluster that also contains the Turkana, Toposa, Karamojong, and Jie who speak closely related languages. They number approximately 30,000 [1] with populations in both South Sudan and Ethiopia. Many Nyangatom are nomadic, residing in mobile livestock villages that may migrate several times a year. A substantial number of Nyangatom also reside in semi-permanent villages. It is common for individuals to move between mobile cattle camps and semi-permanent villages.


The Hamar are an Omotic community inhabiting southwestern Ethiopia. They live in Hamer woreda, a fertile part of the Omo River valley, in the Debub Omo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region. They are largely pastoralists, so their culture places a high value on cattle.

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